Submission Deadline: March 22, 2024 

Please join us for the UIW Excellence Summit 2024: We are but one WORD: Excellence! to take place April 15 - 19, 2024. UIW invites all to showcase their academic excellence and submit their abstracts or artist’s statements describing their works, projects, masterful art, and literature. Faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) are all encouraged to participate. Projects presented elsewhere over the last academic year are welcome. We encourage the submission of projects that incorporate participatory and collaborative approaches, engage with diverse communities, and are open to novel formats to enable participation across the numerous academic platforms of excellence at UIW. Accepted submissions will be presented both in-person and online in a virtual symposium format. 

Poster Presentations

The poster presentation is open to any discipline and will include a formal in-person poster session. There will be active judging of student poster presentations and prizes for the winning students.

Podium Presentations 

Podium presentations are open to those who feel their discipline or area of study is better suited to podium presentations. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes and if accepted, participants will have a choice to present online or in person with live streaming.

Performing Arts Submissions 

Performing arts submissions are open to any musical, spoken, or theatrical performance. Submissions must be original works by the artist or a presentation/discussion of existing pieces. Please see the submission form for additional performance information.

Visual Arts Submissions 

Visual arts submissions must be original works by the artist. Please see the submission form for additional display information.

Faculty Guidance    We are seeking your participation to encourage mentorship to our students. We welcome ideas on how you and your budding scholars can present together. No students but want some to begin working with you in your academic area of excellence? No problem we can help you communicate your interests to our greater UIW population in a special showcase for interested faculty. 

Additional Information  All accepted abstracts and artist’s statements will be published in the Proceedings and archived in The Atheneum.

UIW Office of Research and Graduate Studies